Sleep Number Bed Problems


Similar to all other mattresses on the market, some consumers have also reported a few Sleep Number bed problems that they have experienced over the years of using the item.

Based on a 2013 survey, at least 9% of its users have issued some complaints over the functionality and design of the mattress.

But do these concerns outweigh the benefits of the bed?

Our opinion is that it does not, but just like other popular mattresses such as the Tempurpedic, one size does not fit all.

Listed below are just some of the usual concerns.

Sleep Number Bed Problems

Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction on the design of the mattress, particularly the middle of the bed where the foam strip is located that separates the two air chambers.  It has been reported that this part of the mattress is quite uncomfortable to sleep in, making the Sleep Number bed just ideal for two people at a time.

Intimate activities like cuddling are possible, but done with a small degree of discomfort.

Since the bed is designed to adjust to two different Sleep Number settings, there is a possibility of the foam located in the middle part of the product getting ripped as both sides are usually adjusted at different levels.

Although this sleep number bed problems are easily addressed by purchasing an additional support “topper” from the company.

The tendency of the mattress to slope towards the middle was also mentioned in some of the negative Sleep Number bed reviews. This feedback was mostly given by its consumers who use two highly and extremely different Sleep Number settings on each side, i.e. one uses 90 and the other a 10.  This usually leads to some sleepers rolling towards the middle of the bed or to sleep on a sloping side.  On the other hand, consumers who do use Sleep Number settings that were not as far apart did not report any significant concerns on this matter.

A number of users have also expressed concerns over the price and affordability of the Sleep Number bed.  The simplest model can cost an average of $600.00 while the more expensive ones can go as high as $4,000.  With the current economic recession, some consumers have admittedly regarded the bed as a luxury item, hence, would prefer to forego this expense for some other lower priced model.

There are, however, still a number of consumers willing to shell out their hard-earned cash for a Sleep Number bed.  One simply cannot discredit the praises given in lieu of this product from both Chiropractors and the ordinary user.  In the end, regardless of the number of Sleep Number bed problems raised, people still consider this item a worthy investment.